Our Product Range

Entry level overwrappers for small businesses that want a professionally wrapped box but only need low volume output.

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SpeedBox 35

The SpeedBox 35 was designed for business owners who are looking for an economical method of wrapping their products in the most professional way. Better than shrink-wrap and with low cost consumables, making the SpeedBox 35 an excellent choice. This machine is extremely easy to use. The heat plate and cutting wire temperature can be easily adjusted via a digital selector panel. Packs using film width of up to 350m can be wrapped on this model.

SpeedBox 50

The larger version of our manual overwrapper/cellowrapper range is the SpeedBox 50 version, allowing larger packs to be wrapped with film widths up to 500mm.

SpeedBox Accessories

“Spot seal” tools

Some clients want to achieve a “high end” spot seal finish on the end seals. This can be achieved with the standard spot sealer and the Pro-Dig digital option.

Click image to play video
Click image to play video

Cutting tool

To avoid buying too many sizes of file, the cutting tool can reduce reel width to accommodate smaller packs. Ideal for small runs.

Tear tape dispenser

Allows easy access to remove the wrapping material.

Additional film bar

Useful when you need to quickly change rolls on the machines.


Full spares and service for all Speedbox machines. In addition, we hold stocks of spares for Novak, Delta manual overwrappers.


12 months on all electrical components.

Extended Warranty available to purchase.